Purchasing process

A clear and simple buying process

  • Find and purchase a lot (surveyor).
  • Choose the home model that suits your needs and budget at Usinex.
  • Get financing (you can meet with a financial planner on site).
  • Make a downpayment to begin executing your official plans.
  • Meet with the municipal urban planner to obtain a building permit.
  • Define any modifications to your plan and complete the production document for your home.
  • Sign the official sales contract with Maison Usinex with a 10% deposit.
  • Sign the official plans for the production of your home.
  • Execute lot preparation as per directives from Usinex.
  • Maison Usinex delivers and installs the house on your foundations (included in our price).
  • Maison Usinex finalizes the carpentry work involved in the installation of your home (included in our price).
  • Inspection of your home after installation by our technical department to insure your complete satisfaction.

You must plan for several fittings to be executed by qualified contractors that we can refer, for example: foundations, excavation, electrical, plumbing and air exchanger fittings as well as plastering, painting and floor coverings.