Testimonials from satisfied customers

« Wow, wow, wow…Yes, Usinex Houses you have overturned us again by your impeccable service and especially by your interests for past and future customers. Recently we asked your customer service department to obtain information on certain standards for building materials used in previous constructions.
Yes, yes, yes, less than 24 hours goes by, and here is a phone call surprising us to provide us with the information sought.
Wow what a service!
Thank you! Usinex! You do honor to the company. What a pleasure to do business with you.
To recommend you does not want to be inconvenient. What you present in terms of products is simply true and truthful. »
Mr and Mrs Bélanger Côté (Eastern Townships)

« I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the good service you gave us when we bought our house, on delivery and thereafter. Louis and I are very satisfied with our house and the good work of your entire team. We are really pleased to have chosen Maison Usinex for the purchase of our house.
You have responded to our requests and help us realize our dream home.
Thank you very much.
To the pleasure! »
Jane & Louis ( Chaudière-Appalaches)

« In May 2009, looking for a house, we found and fell in love with our home in Saint-Denis de Brompton that was for sale. It was delivered in September 2006.
When it came time to visit the premises with the building inspector and our real estate agent, he told our agent, «You should have told me it’s a Usinex, I would not even come.»
My sister and brother-in-law live in the Okanagan Valley, BC, and they buy, renovate and resell the houses. By visiting us, they did not believe how much quality there was.
I also have contractors who say «it’s well done». It’s not for nothing that you win the awards year after year. «You’re wearing your panties! »
Michael (Eastern Townships)

« Our experience building a home has been extremely positive and we are very happy to have done business with Usinex. All contacts were warm and cordial. We feel that at Maison Usinex, the client is important and the experience is reassuring. »
Robert Loiselle (Laurentians)

« Your prices are clearly stated and you have provided us with excellent estimates of other expenses; nothing was hidden from us. You offered different options for our budget and I really appreciated your customer service. »
Karine (Estrie)

« Since our son was very satisfied about his purchase at Usinex and enchanted about the warm customer service, we have decided to treat ourselves as well. There was absolutely no pressure on us to move forward with the purchase. The representative was very patient during the plan design so we could get exactly the home we wanted. »
Normand Roy and Doris Brodeur (Estrie)