Start your project with Maison Usinex

First contact To start your project, come and meet us at one of our different sales offices. An advisor will work with you to build the project of your dreams!

specify your needs and select a model


During your meetings with one of our housing advisors, you will discuss your needs, your budget, and the lot configuration or municipal constraints. Together, we will evaluate the cost of your project and work to build the house of your dreams.

When the project is ready to move to the next stage, this is when the contract is signed. You will also receive your buyer’s guide to accompany you through the next steps.

customize your home


At this stage, you plan your home down to the smallest detail with our designer: kitchen cabinets, bathroom, exterior cladding, etc. Our wide range of choices will allow you to create the perfect home for you!

This is the perfect time to prepare your Pinterest boards before your appointment! This will greatly assist our designer in helping you with your selection.

Plan designs


Once the estimate is completed, we have all the information we need to make the final plans for your new home!

In the meantime, you must find your excavation contractor, perform soil and percolation tests, and verify the topography of your lot.

Lot surveying, construction permit, and insurance


The stages are progressing well; to ensure the realization of your project, it is essential to obtain your permits on time. Depending on the region, it can take several weeks.

Then, you must have your lot delimited by a surveyor in order to obtain your certificate of implantation. Don’t forget to send a copy to your excavator!

your house takes shape


While you orchestrate the preparations, we begin the construction of your house in our factory in Milan. In just 8 days, it will be manufactured, packed, and ready for delivery on the agreed date.

Your house is just waiting to be delivered and for you to start the interior finishing (plastering, painting, and floor covering) to welcome you!

Excavation and foundation


Your project is now taking shape! Your excavation contractor will now do the essential work to start your foundation.

The next stage is the delivery of your Maison Usinex home. You have a few steps ahead of you to prepare your lot in order to welcome us on the Big Day!

delivery and completion of work


The Big Day is here: the modules are delivered by truck and the machinery for the installation arrives early! In less than a day, your house will be on your foundations. Our team of subcontractors will take care of the carpentry connections in the days following the installation.

Depending on how fast you complete the interior finishing work, you will be able to live in your new home. The last step will be to complete your landscaping!

Attentive customer service and an outstanding buying experience

We cultivate the idea that a collective and caring vision is essential to the success of your project. This is why our team accompanies you at every step of the process.