6 reasons to choose a factory-built home

Factory-built homes are a preferred choice for many people. Manufactured in conditions where humidity and heat are perfectly controlled, this type of construction is recognized for its high quality, but also for its economic aspect!

There are many reasons to choose a factory-built home! In this article, find out why you should choose this type of construction.

1. An eco-friendly choice

Did you know that the manufacturing of factory-built homes limits waste? In fact, natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution are greatly reduced with this type of construction. This way, the environmental impact is greatly reduced, impact environnemental est largement amoindri not to mention that all unused materials are recycled.

In addition, all our houses are signed Innovation climat, which represents the construction technology verified by numerous tests at Maison Usinex. Innovation climat exceeds the standards of Novoclimat established in the industry for sealing and airtightness. Triple glass windows, acoustic and thermal sealing, superior insulation in the exterior walls, in the roof and in the floor edge are just some of the features that make Maison Usinex THE reference in factory-built homes. Maison Usinex LA référence en construction usinée.

Under these conditions, the envelope of a building made by Maison Usinex is more airtight than a traditional house! The result: the consumption of heating, air conditioning and ventilation is greatly reduced, leaving room for the comfort of its occupants and many savings.

2. A superior product

Basically, a factory-built house was designed to be more resistant. The reason is simple: once built in a factory, the house is delivered to the buyer’s property and must therefore withstand transportation!

Indeed, prefabricated homes, unlike traditional homes, are built in a factory using cutting-edge equipment. Not only is the environment around the construction controlled, but quality assurance is also performed at each stage of the construction. This feature of modular homes once again surpasses the construction techniques of a traditional home!

3. A customized factory-built home

Many people still believe that factory-built homes must be built according to the builder’s suggested plan. This belief is false! Cette croyance est fausse! At Maison Usinex, our plans can be customized according to your needs and tastes. In addition, the vast selection of models and materials available allows you to build a home that reflects your image.

Moreover, opting for a manufactured home allows the buyer to be more involved in the design. You will be accompanied from start to finish by a Maison Usinex expert. The client does not have to work with several people at the same time. He is then assured to be well advised and to be aware of all the options available!

4. Unparalleled execution speed

La conception d’une maison en usine The conception of a factory-built house takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Since the project is carried out sheltered from bad weather, rain, snow and strong winds cannot delay the construction or delivery time!

In addition, the exterior finish is largely done in the factory and preassembled gables are installed to speed up the process on the construction site. Maison Usinex is unique in the market when it comes to gables. In fact, our factory is specially designed for this purpose!

5. Many recognized guarantees

With a traditional home, finding out about warranties can be difficult because of the many restrictions of the various parties involved (carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc.).

At Maison Usinex, we offer several guarantees as well as an efficient after-sales service to all our customers. The organization of the Garantie de Construction Résidentielle (GCR) has awarded Maison Usinex an AA rating, the highest in the industry!

Learn more about our guarantees, contact us.  contactez-nous.

6. Professional guidance

When buying a house, new owners are always anxious to move into their new home. And with good reason! However, there are many steps to take before the house is livable and the process can seem pretty long.

With Maison Usinex, you will be accompanied throughout the construction process. You can be sure that you will be well advised and aware of all the possible options!

Think about it…

Choosing a factory-built home means choosing incomparable advantages from the conception to the occupation of your new house. Our team will accompany you and make sure that no detail is overlooked so that you will love your new home. You will have the chance to obtain attentive and personalized service, in addition to participating in a most pleasant purchasing process.

So, are you ready to discover your new home?