Buying a house: projects and responsabilities of buyers

The purchase of a Usinex house involves many inclusions and guidance nombreuses inclusions et un accompagnement with one of our expert advisors. However, this leaves some projects to the discretion and responsibility of the buyers.

In order for you to have as much documentation as possible on the projects and tasks you will have to take on when buying your home, we have designed an aide-memoire to support you in most of these projects. aide-mémoires pour vous soutenir dans la plupart de ces projets. It will also be our pleasure to guide you in the steps to take and not to forget throughout the process! In the next section, you will find the projects that are in the responsibility of the buyers.

Buying and choosing a lot

Buying the lot is one of the first tasks in realizing your home project. It is important to verify what is possible and permitted on the land you intend to purchase. Also, make sure to validate the specific conditions for the transportation of the modules with your municipality or Municipalité régionale de comté (MRC).

Also, some municipalities, MRCs’, residents’ associations and real estate developers impose a number of restrictions in order to ensure homogeneity and harmony in their neighbourhoods. You may not be able to build your home exactly as you had planned because of these restrictions (type of dwelling, number of floors, exterior cladding, limitation of buildable areas, etc.). So it’s important to get the facts before you buy the lot!

Please inform your Maison Usinex consultant if your municipality, MRC or other associations impose particular constraints.

Mortgage pre-approval (lot and house)

There are several steps to financing and obtaining loans. First, you must be the owner of a piece of land, which means that you must finalize the purchase with your notary. Then, you must meet with your mortgage agent to obtain a mortgage pre-authorization for the financing of your Usinex home.

Building permits, insurance and documentation

Building your home (whether it’s a self-build or a factory-built home) requires keeping track of the necessary documentation.

After purchasing your lot, you must inform your municipality or MRC of your project. Check with your urban planner to find out what the regulations are; he can provide you with the specifications required by the city.

Construction permits: You must apply for a building and sanitary installation permit from your municipality or MRC. Note that obtaining these permits can take approximately 3 weeks or more depending on the region.

Insurance: You should contact an insurance company to determine your insurance needs for your project. This step is very important to protect you in case of an incident.

Implantation and location certificate: Before the work begins, you must have a surveyor come and mark the boundaries of the lot and the space required for the construction of your house; this space will be marked with stakes. Your surveyor must then give you this implantation certificate.

Once your construction ic completed, you must order your location certificate from the land surveyor.

Excavation of the land

Your lot must be professionally laid out before work can begin. To do so, contact an excavator to verify the topography of your lot and the effects on your house plans. If changes need to be made to your plan, advise your Maison Usinex consultant. You can then proceed with the work on your lot with the excavator!

Foundations of the house

In the list of projects that fall to the buyers, we also find the step of choosing and coordinating the construction of the foundations of your house.

The foundation stage is very important and should not be neglected! The choice of the foundation will have a great impact on the thermal insulation, on the possibilities of future expansion and on the quality of the structure of your house. Not to mention the resale value of your home once it is built!

There are several types of foundations, including regular foundations poured into the ground, crawl space, piles or concrete slab. We do not recommend the concrete slab for a factory-built home since it presents more risks and is not adapted to receive all our house models.

It is also important to choose the right formwork and foundation contractor for a construction according to the rules! You will have to form the foundation walls, pour and cure the concrete and remove the formwork.

Installation of an artesian well

If your lot requires the installation of an artesian well, you will need to contact your city to find out about the distances to be respected for the installation of your well. Then, you can start the work with a drilling professional.

Plumbing connections and standards

Your plumbing connections must be made by a plumber when your house is delivered. The plumber will provide all the materials and permits to make the connections.

However, you should discuss with your excavator whether he or the plumber should make the connection from the city’s water and sewer inlet to the foundation. This connection is made from the BNQ pipes already installed under the foundation footing.

Afterwards, your plumber will connect the drains to the storm sewer pipe, connect the vent in the attic, the outlets for the future bathroom in the basement, the exterior water outlet and do the installation of the water heater. He will also take care of the connection of your sanitary installations such as sinks, toilets, bathroom sinks, baths, showers, etc.

Electrical connection request

At the time of delivery, your house’s electrical wiring will be installed with all the necessary hardware (except for the power wire to connect to the panel). Our experts will also have taken care of the electrical fixtures to make your life easier! This includes baseboards, thermostats, smoke detectors, light outlets, electrical plates and outlets as well as the doorbell.

For two-storey homes, your electrician must connect the electrical wires between the ground floor and the second floor. This step must be completed before the ceilings are closed! It is important that the electrician follow the drilling chart provided by Maison Usinex when drilling holes in the beams.

If you only have a first floor, you will simply have to confirm with your electrician about the finishing connections with Hydro-Quebec!

Ventilation ducts

The connection of the air exchanger to the ventilation pipes will already be done by our team! However, you must have your air exchanger with heat recovery installed by your ventilation expert.

Interior finishes of the house

Our designers will work with you to customize your new home to your taste. With their help, you will be able to get professional assistance in choosing many of the fixtures obtenir une assistance professionnelle pour le choix de plusieurs accessoires such as countertops, cabinets and floor coverings (even if these are not included with the house).

As for your walls, the plaster joints and painting are not included and you will have to hire or do this work yourself. However, our designers can help you choose your paint colors! After adding color to your rooms, you can install your mouldings (included in the price).

The last step in the interior finishing process is to decorate your new house with your own accessories and furniture to create a comfortable atmosphere!

Exterior finishes of the house

Maison Usinex takes care of almost all exterior finishing, with a few exceptions. First, you must have your gutters installed by a contractor.

To further enjoy your new home and lot, you can build a patio/balcony, pave your driveway and do some landscaping. This work is not performed or provided by Maison Usinex.


At all times, before hiring contractors and tradespeople, we recommend that you do the necessary checks to ensure that they have the proper licenses, expertise and permits to perform the work. In addition, to protect your investment and avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure that the contractor has an excellent record and good references.

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