4 misconceptions about factory-built houses

Although factory-built houses maisons préfabriquées offer many advantages to future homeowners, some are still hesitant to embark on this adventure. In fact, many myths persist about this type of construction and can cause hesitation among those interested. Are you one of them? Find out the truth about four common misconceptions about manufactured homes!

The involvement of buyers in the stages of the construction project

If you are under the impression that factory-built house owners are not involved in the process of building their new home, think again! The collaboration of the clients at every stage à toutes les étapes is essential to the realization of their dream home.

Before the construction

Un couple qui achète une maison préfabriquée et valide des plans. To begin planning the perfect home, Maison Usinex clients first meet with an advisor to determine their needs. Prior to the first one-on-one meeting, we advise future homeowners to take note of their reasons for buying a new home and the needs associated with this big change:

  • How many floors do they want?
  • How many bedrooms are needed?
  • De they have any preferences for the kitchen design?

A list of non-negotiables is also a must! This ensures that the prefabricated house will meet their expectations. For a result that reflects their image, we invite clients to find house and room inspirations. This will give the consultant a better idea of their style and taste.

It is after this first meeting that the Maison Usinex consultant will be able to make an estimate of the costs. The more information the representative has, the better! At this stage, clients should at least have started negotiating the purchase of the lot they want. Ideally, however, the future owners should have already purchased it. This helps to predict the costs and plans of the house itself, as these are influenced by the land. In addition, the advisor will need the results of the percolation test in order to know the type of septic installation of the house.

Future owners should have already met with their financial advisor to have an estimate of the budget available for the house. The Maison Usinex advisor will then make sure that the costs for the manufactured house do not exceed this budget and, if necessary, will propose options to the clients that are suited to their budget.

This way, future owners are involved from the beginning of the process leading to the construction of their dream house. They are at the center of the planning of their new home!

During the construction

During the factory construction, Maison Usinex takes care of everything… or most of it! During this period, the future owners must ensure that everything is ready for delivery. It is therefore time to do the excavation and pour the foundations couler les fondations.

Curious to see the progress of the house? No problem: customers can schedule a visit to the factory during the construction of their home! This exciting moment allows you to get a taste of the final product and to understand the manufacturing process.

After the delivery

Finally, we deliver the house to the lot! Before the homeowners can move in, they must take care of the finishing touches. This includes pulling the joints, painting the walls and installing the mouldings. This opportunity to show off your manual skills is just one more way you can get involved in the making of the house!

For those who prefer to leave these tasks to the professionals, it is of course possible to hire construction contractors to do the work.

House customized to your image

Image d'objets étant utiles pour la personnalisation d'une maison usinée.

Many people believe that buyers of a factory-built house must settle for the models offered by the company and that no customization options are available. This is false! In fact, the Usinex home is customizable on some levels.

The plans of our homes can be adjusted to suit the needs of the clients. In most cases, the layout of the rooms, as well as the design of the kitchen and bathroom, can be adapted to the buyer’s preferences. Also, the future owners participate in the choice of materials used to create a home that reflects their personality!

Our team is there to help clients make these decisions. Do you have ideas of grandiosity, but a budget to respect? Our consultants will help you find options to get closer to your vision while keeping your wallet healthy. Also, modifications are allowed at several stages of your construction project when you add more features.

Quality of factory-built houses

The belief that a manufactured home is less durable than a self-build home often discourages buyers from choosing a factory-built house. However, this is a myth!

Manufactured homes are just as, if not more, durable than other types of houses. First, we strengthen the modules for transportation. Second, because the house is built in a factory, the materials are never subjected to the harsh weather. This means that they always remain in excellent condition! This ensures their strength and durability! Finally, the experts who build the houses are specialized in their task. This guarantees an optimal quality of the final result.

At Maison Usinex, we take all the necessary measures to ensure that our houses are as durable as possible: we use high quality materials and we regularly optimize our processes to adapt to new technologies. Before delivery, we test plumbing and electrical systems to ensure their reliability. For the sake of durability, we even glue the shingles to the roof and nail them down!

Financing for the construction of the house

Rencontre entre un couple et leur conseillère financière avant l'achat d'une maison neuve.

It is a known fact that financial institutions are accepting less and less loans for self-builds and some people believe that the situation also applies to factory-built homes. Only, it is much easier to get a loan for a manufactured house!

In fact, financial institutions are assured of the progress of the work and even know the date when the house will be delivered, which reassures them and makes it easier to grant a mortgage. You don’t even need to have an inspector visit the site to release more funds!

To make things easier, the Maison Usinex advisor will estimate all the costs related to the construction of the house. This estimate includes expenses related to services not covered by Maison Usinex, such as foundations, septic tank, septic fields, finishing work, welcome tax, construction permits and even notary fees! In doing so, clients have a very detailed estimate that they can give to their financial advisor to get their project approved.

Undoing misconceptions

As you can see, many popular beliefs about factory-built houses are actually myths! If you still have concerns about manufactured homes, contact one of our advisors. They will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

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