Guide to buying a factory-built home

At Maison Usinex, we take care of nearly 80% of your home construction project. So what about the last 20%? You, dear customer, will be in charge of the follow-up. In order to better guide you through the process of buying a factory-built home, let’s explore the stages of a construction project with Maison Usinex.

Step 1 : start the project planning

To get your construction project off to a good start, find out as much as you can about the process of buying a factory-built house. processus d’achat d’une maison usinée. That way, as you go through the process, you’ll always know where you stand in your project and can easily plan for what comes next! This is also a good time to educate yourself about the misconceptions about factory-built houses. fausses croyances liées aux maisons usinées.

Next, it is important to define the priority needs of your future home. Here’s a tip: use our models nos modèles to help you determine your preferences! Features such as the number of floors, bedrooms and bathrooms or the location of the laundry room will also be important to consider to ensure your daily comfort.

Step 2 : determine the available budget

Once your project becomes more specific, it is important to meet with your financial advisor. Before you make a decision, this professional can help you define your budget more precisely. He will help you determine the amount you could invest in a house mortgage. This step is also called a pre-approval. préautorisation.

Homme calculant un budget pour l'achat d'une maison

Step 3 : negociate and buy the lot

Some buyers choose their lot before they even meet with their Maison Usinex consultant. However, the majority of our clients have not purchased their land at this stage. Take advantage of our experience: our consultants can help you make an informed choice to maximize your budget!

Of course, note that each lot has its own particularities, which change the plans and costs of a factory-built home.

Step 4 : book an appointment with a Maison Usinex advisor

Now it’s time to get down to business! Since your priorities are set, your lot is chosen and your budget is determined, one of our consultants can take you under his wing. The first meeting will determine your options, including materials and house plans.

Notre équipe préparera une estimation pour votre projet et pourra également vous éclairer sur les autres frais.

At subsequent meetings with your advisor, you will confirm your choices and finally sign the contract. At this stage, you will proceed with the deposit and sign the documents concerning the Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR).

Step 5 : prepare the lot for the delivery

Couple décidant la décoration intérieure

Now that you have chosen the model of your home, your lot must be prepared. votre terrain doit être préparé. In addition, the percolation test will allow us to design the plans for your septic tank. Then comes the excavation and foundation stages, which are carried out by a contractor external to Maison Usinex. For our prefabricated homes, it is preferable to plan a foundation with a basement rather than a concrete foundation!

The preparation of your site occurs at the same time as the building of your house in the factory. So don’t hesitate to visit your home in the process of construction!

Once the foundation is completed and delivery is made, experts will proceed with the installation of the plumbing, electricity and ventilation. The interior walls will also be installed.

Step 6 : complete the finishing work

This is the perfect opportunity to participate in the construction of your dream home! The interior design details are up to you, as it is, after all, your preference. You have the chance to choose your own paint colors, floor coverings and lighting fixtures. Maison Usinex’s products and services Les produits et services Maison Usinex do not include these elements.

Step 7 : do the landscaping of your site

When the finishing work is completed and your home is finally decorated in your image, what could be better than to launch into another project: the landscaping. This step can be done whenever you wish following the delivery of your Maison Usinex construction. Once again, you have the chance to embellish your home with plants of all kinds or perhaps even a pool!

In other words, buying a factory-built home, especially with a team like Maison Usinex, is simple and efficient. We walk you through the major technical parts of the process, leaving you completely free to work out the decorative details.

To begin this great project, make an appointment with one of our consultants now!


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